Wellington Digger’s Wit

Drink: Wellington Digger’s Wit
Source: Wellington Brewery, Guelph, ON
ABV: 4.5%
IBUs: 16
Size: 330 mL bottle (1/4)
Cost: $10.45

The first of four beers from Wellington’s Re-Booted Mix Pack, Volume 4. A witbier, for the uninitiated, is a barley and wheat top-fermenting (ale!) beer.

Fulsome yellow with a slight mandarin undertone on the pour, with thin but lively head.

A malt tang aroma, with light spice—think Germanic bocks. However, despite the lemon and lime zest added in brewing, this wit doesn’t have a particularly fruity composition.

The citrus comes through more on the palate as an undertone; neither it not the malt lingers.

A clean finish, light a glass of iced lemon water.

This sessionable wit is hand-crafted for repeat performances. Wellington—start selling this on its own, SVP.

Hoochsavvy Grade: A-


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