Beau’s St. Luke’s Verse Gruit Ale

Drink: Beau’s St Luke’s Verse Gruit Ale
Source: Beau’s All Natural Brewing, Vankleek Hill, Ontario
ABV: 5.7%
IBUs: 11
Size: 600 mL bottle
Cost: $5.65

This offering from Beau’s is a gruit ale—a beer bittered without hops, instead using herbs (in this case, lavender, thyme, and rosemary).

Copper amber in colour, with light, transient head.

Strong notes of lavender and rosemary on the nose, with a malt tinge.

Lush, golden malt taste with the concomitant herbal offerings.

A clean finish with a hint of bittered gingerness and cedar.

A tremendous bouquet that is both vernal and autumnal all at once.

Enjoy with company in fair weather.

Hoochsavvy Grade: A+

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