Nickel Brook Raspberry Über Berlinerweisse

Drink: Nickel Brook Raspberry Über Berlinerweisse
Source: Nickel Brook Brewing Company, Burlington, Ontario
ABV: 3.8%
IBUs: 3
Size: 375 mL bottle
Cost: $3.95

Having won the gold medal in fruit beer at the 2017 Ontario Brewing Awards, one instantly knows that the Raspberry Über Berlinerweisse is something different.

Coming from Nickel Brook Breweries’ Funk Lab, an enterprise dedicated to sour and funky beers, and released as part of the Summer Funk Pack, this beer is packing lactobacillus bacteria, the thing that makes it a ‘sour’ beer. (That, and the smell the bacteria give it!)

Bright scarlet in colour, this beer more closely resembles Hawaiian Punch than its plainer malt cousins. It pours a thick pink head, with lively carbonation.

With strong raspberry and cranberry/lemon notes, this beer leads with its fruit forward. (The hops used are Styrian and Goldings, though this is less evident from a simple sniff test.)

The sour tang of the lactobacillus adds to the tartness of the raspberry, a gentle malt taste coming through slightly after the fact.

A bitter finish leaves one with a light pucker; this beer evokes classic sour candies—Warheads—and lively fruit flavours. Think Früli with citrus tang instead of strawberry sweetness.

Hoochsavvy Grade: A-

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