Muskoka Mad Tom IPA

Drink: Muskoka Mad Tom IPA
Source: Muskoka Brewery, Bracebridge, Ontario
ABV: 6.4%
IBUs: 64
Size: 473 mL tallboy
Cost: $3.25

Orange-amber in colour, this beer is hardly a stranger to anyone familiar with the craft scene. With gentle carbonation and a moderate density head, this ale is not as opaque as some of its competitors (Collective Arts, Velocipede), despite being unfiltered.

With grapefruit, orange, and pine on the nose, this offers classic craft IPA hops—Chinook and Centennial in particular.

On the palate, the orange carries through along with the grapefruit, and a much more floral bitterness that’s similar to Amsterdam’s Boneshaker IPA.

Despite the initial bitterness, the finish is relatively clean, though one can imagine having two or three of these and needing a glass of water to rinse the palate.

A happy harmony between IPA mouth film and the smoother, less boldly hopped ales. And at 6.4% ABV, it’s packing a little extra punch.

Hoochsavvy Grade: B+

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