Waterloo 1815 Saison

Drink: Innocente Waterloo 1815 Rye Saison
Source: Innocente Brewing Company, Waterloo, Ontario
ABV: 5.7%
IBUs: 20
Size: 500 mL bottle
Cost: $4.15

This grumous ale from is a deep orange-amber hue suggestive of overripe oranges, and is cloudy from the ostensible absence of filtering and fining, and has a transient head on the pour.

Orange zest and sharp leather notes on the nose; the hops are subdued, using the classic UK Fuggles, as well as East Kent Golding (Marynka from Poland being the third and final).

The citrus continues onto the palate with a lemon twist and a hint of grape, as well as a gentle, round maltiness and medium body more generally associated with session ales.

A sharp but pleasant bitterness brings the beer to a finish, inducing salivation and thus a cleansing of the palate.

A truly refreshing ale that can stand up to scrutiny; although on the more expensive side, well worth the price.

Hoochsavvy Grade: A-


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