Neustadt 10W30 Dark Ale

Drink: Neustadt 10W30 Ale
Source: Neustadt Springs Brewery, Neustadt, Ontario
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: Unlisted
Size: 473 mL tallboy
Cost: $3.05

This dark ale—an English mild, referring to the lack of bitterness, not strength—is a rich ice coffee-coloured offering from Neustadt Springs Brewery that took a silver medal in the 2004 World Beer Cup and English Brown Ale from the Canadian Brewing Awards.

Offering only light malt notes on the nose, partially due to the nature of malt roasting—like coffee, the darker the malt, the more brighter malt taste is lost, adding darker flavours of coffee and cocoa.

On the palate, the New Zealand hops give fruity undertones to the gentle bitterness of cocoa concomitant to the dark malt.

A clean finish makes for an ale that’s surprisingly light in many ways, despite its porter-like pour.

Pair with a gravy-laden roast, or a freshly barbecued burger; serve ice cold for greater refreshment, or lightly chilled for its full flavour to come out.

Hoochsavvy Grade: B+

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