Outlaw Lagered Ale

Drink: Outlaw Lagered Ale
Source: Outlaw Brewing Co., Southampton, Ontario
ABV: 4.8%
IBUs: Unlisted
Size: 473 mL tallboy
Cost: $2.95

Beau’s is the golden boy for lagered ales, but a new contender rises from the shores of Southampton on Lake Huron.

A rich amber in the pint glass, this ale has a light malt tang on the nose with faint notes of hop-citrus underneath.

Medium maltiness on the tongue with little discernible bitterness and round fruit undertones, this ale is more lager by name than by nature.

A smooth finish brings this ale to its end quite easily, with little film left on the palate and a gentle salivary reflex.

Unfortunately, there is little distinction between this ale and its larger competitors. That said, yours truly enjoyed this more than the sacrosanct Beau’s lagered ale, due to the slightly fruitier body in the Outlaw brew.

For weaning your friends who are leery of craft beer onto more noble brews, or for your friends who haven’t delved beyond Beau’s just yet.

Hoochsavvy Grade: B+


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