12 Minutes to Destiny Raspberry Hibiscus Lager

Drink: 12 Minutes to Destiny Raspberry Hibiscus Lager
Source: Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, Barrie, Ontario
ABV: 4.1%
IBUs: 8
Size: 473 mL tallboy
Cost: $3.25

This wildly packaged ale instantly informs drinkers that this is not your father’s beer. (For those into that, Molson has the revoltingly successful chubby six packs. For when nostalgia is stronger than your sense of taste.)

Brilliant crimson/garnet, this lager has strong fruit notes on the nose, evoking strawberry, raspberry, orange, and plum.

Taking a sip, this beer betrays the hibiscus flowers and rose hips added to the brew, with tart acidity, the raspberries also making an appearance closer to the finish.

The finish itself is light, delicate, and further florality leaves the palate uncloyed.
A perfect beer to start any session; serve with light fare, or as an accompaniment to dessert.

For when you want either a herbal tea or beer, but can’t decide.

Hoochsavvy Grade: A



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