Drink: Früli Premium Strawberry Beer
Source: Van Diest Beer Company, Belgium
ABV: 4.1%
IBU: Unlisted
Size: 330 mL bottle
Cost: $13.35 (4 pack)

Men and women alike enjoy something a bit sweeter and more sessionable than the typical brew, and Früli offers Belgian white beer infused with strawberry juice for a drink that comes close to being a shandy or radler.

Deep red in the glass, it seems closer to juice than beer; strawberry predictably dominates the nose, betraying little malt character.

The strawberry continues through into the taste, with cherry and plum undertones rounding out the palate with a smooth mouthfeel.

A light finish leaves the palate ready for more; the only disconcerting factor is the amount of sugar, and the cost, making this more a novelty drink than a beer in its own right.

Although delicious in moderation, your money can be better spent.

Hoochsavvy Grade: B+

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