Vernaiolo Chianti

Drink: Vernaiolo Chianti DOCG
Source: Rocca delle Macie, Tuscany
ABV: 13%
Sugar: 2g/L (XD)
Vintage: 2015
Size: 750 mL bottle
Cost: $14.95

Although Chianti is as highly regarded an appellation as they come, reputation alone is not enough.

This Chianti is a DOCG (Denominazione di origine controllata) wine, the strictest of four classifications of Italian wines. It, like all Chiantis, draws the overwhelming majority of its taste (~90%) and bouquet from sangiovese grapes; the remaining ~10% is often canaiolo, or sometimes merlot.

It is ruby-plum on the pour, falling short of the deep crimson associated with the more prestigious Barolo and Barbaresco wines (made from the nebbiolo grape).

Even with a chance to breathe, this Chianti is on the astringent side, with leather and currant notes dominating; the tannins are still strong, and dry out the palate accordingly.

The finish is not particularly smooth, the acidity lingering with a hint of bitterness.

Perhaps good when used in tandem with rich pasta or meats, but otherwise too tannic to enjoy on its own.

Look to other Chiantis when the urge to channel Dr. Lecter rises.

Hoochsavvy Grade: C

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