Duchesse de Bourgogne

Drink: Duchesse de Bourgogne
Source: Brouwerij Verhaeghe, Vichte, Belgium
ABV: 6.2%
IBUs: Unlisted
Size: 330 mL bottle
Cost: $2.95

Grey days like today demand a basement bar beer—and today’s beer is truly something else.

This aged Flemish sour ale pours dark and red, but the head that gathers is the rich caramel-brown so characteristic of Belgian brews.

The initial sour notes on the nose strongly suggest malt vinegar and french fries/chips (as you please), but don’t be fooled by the bouquet.

With a light mouthfeel that is surprisingly fruity and tangy, la Duchesee exhibits cherries, raspberry, and lemon. (This comes in part from the tannins and vanillins imparted by the oak barrel aging.) The fruity characteristics are more easily discernible by the addition of wheat to the usual barley malt, lightening the maltiness and leaving room for the spice of the hops.

There is a delectable sweetness to the finish that resolves cleanly, leaving the palate ready and waiting for more.

Just mind the ABV—these will go down incredibly easy.

Serve in a chalice if available.

Hoochsavvy Grade: A+



Image ©2017 Hoochsavvy.

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